Wedding FAQ's

We have put together this list because we've realized that in the beginning stages of destination wedding planning, most of our brides and grooms have very similar questions.

As always, We love to talk - so text, call or email us at anytime to discuss these or any other questions that you might have - this list is a continuation, so check back frequently for updates :)


Difference between destination wedding vs domestic traditional wedding

How soon should I book?

When can I start picking my decor etc?

Services and Cost of Just Book It Travel

How many people can we invite?

Symbolic vs. Legal Ceremony

How do we lock in Pricing & block Rooms?

What's the average cost?

I have more questions and would love personal assistance

Where should I start?

Do's and Don't's

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What are some of the benefits of having a destination wedding versus a domestic traditional wedding?

1. Less Deposits. One deposit of between $100 - $1,000 will normally reserve the venue, photography, ceremony, reception, photobooth, floral, etc. If you hosted a traditional wedding, you would have to make separate deposits to each vendor and you'd have to manage each one separately to ensure that they are all in sync with each other during 'game day'. Just Book It Travel will listen to your ideas and dreams and recommend a resort that will achieve everything that you have in mind.

2. Save money! The average domestic wedding will cost between $25k - $50k depending on your appetite. The cost of a destination wedding can sometimes be COMPLIMENTARY if you pick the right venue :) Destination weddings allow brides and grooms to be extremely flexible with budget. If you set a budget, Just Book It Travel's free consultation will give you a good idea of exactly what you can obtain for it.

3. You get to VACATION with all of your guests. At a traditional wedding, you get to