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Steps to Planning

Your Destination Wedding

1. Build your squad. Retain a Travel Agency and Wedding Coordinator!

Sure - you can do it all alone, but this is your first destination wedding and you're not practicing for the next two or three. So get some certified experts on your team that have solid relationships and expertise to get things right on the first shot! We will treat your wedding as a "project" and we will create a project management planning board that will keep us all on track and in communication. With us, you can get two for the price of one ;)


Just Book It Travel will help you find a balance between what you love about a destination and how to make it affordable and accessible to both you and your guests. Try not to stress too much over your total wedding budget in the very beginning because destination weddings are VERY flexible. We can opt for anything from a simple wedding ceremony package to an all weekend itinerary of events, and it can be scaled up or down almost up until your wedding day. Be sure to ask us about various destination wedding packages to some of our most favorite resorts!

2. Reserve the wedding venue.

Its best to reserve venues between 6 - 13 months in advance keeping in mind that Saturday evening weddings are in high demand.

We would love to help with making recommendations on location - do you have any destinations in mind? (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica are our top all-inclusive favorites) Do you have any resorts in mind that you love so that we can see an idea of your style?

3. Inform your guests! Private Webpage setup.

If you have the creative itch to create your own site, feel free to design a site using Zola or another platform and we can add a few travel pages for your guests! :)

Our team can set up a complementary group web page detailing all travel logistics for your guests including a "Book Now" button.  Many of our couples save time and effort and choose not to send out any paper invites, but that's up to you. We can send out the virtual Save the Dates as soon as you'd like! Ask us to show you an example of one of our sites. (We can send you the planning form whenever you're ready for some website homework - just let us know!)

4. Let us worry about everything TRAVEL..

As a future bride and/or groom (trip hosts), we want you to spend your time enjoying engagement bliss, and not answering questions or trying to help find your guests the best travel deal. We assure you that your guests will ALWAYS pay less than internet rates and have the ability to setup flexible payment plans with us due to our Price Match Guarantee, . Please refer all guests to your website website for all wedding inquiries. We have you covered! 

5. Relax and Plan the Wedding!

We can assign an independent wedding coordinator that can walk you through wedding planning right away from start to finish. A destination wedding gives brides and grooms great flexibility to channel their creative side, or JUST SHOW UP! :) 

No matter which route you take, we will be here from the beginning to end!

Find the perfect dress and/or tux and live stress free. Allow us to do the heavy lifting!

Just Book It Travel has been booking weddings and large groups for many years. Allow us to organize your group and keep you informed, while saving both you and your guests time and money. 

Your Destination Wedding Experts

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