My Destination Wedding!!

Soooo where do I begin?? Here’s a little story about my desti-wedding and how I went about planning and execution from engagement to the altar all in the same year. Feel free to forward this to any brides and grooms that are considering a desti-wedding. This will help them tremendously as I'm able to share my experience as both a bride and as a travel agent/coordinator of desti-weddings!

Engagement & Deciding on a Desti-Wedding– We got engaged on my birthday in Hawaii after hiking to the top of Diamond Head Mountain – the irony. We had already discussed having a desti-wedding, so a desti-engagement was only appropriate. Our love for travel and the idea of vacationing with our closest family and friends was a no brainer for us – additionally, the cost of having a nice venue, sit-down dinner, and open bar wedding in Atlanta would have cost us upwards of $60k to invite as many people as we invited. With a desti-wedding, you can invite errrrbody because it is almost a guarantee that most people won’t be able to make it. And that’s totally fine. My dear friends - Becoming ok with this in the beginning will save you from lots of hurt feelings down the line when and if you receive a regret from someone you most certainly thought would never miss your big day!

Picking the Resort – We selected Dreams Playa Mujeres for many, many reasons! And I tell all of my brides and grooms that picking a resort and date is like picking a house. It is THE HARDEST PART of desti-wedding planning. You have to make sure that price, location, aesthetic, ease of travel, inclusions and amenities, and food all align with your taste and budget. This resort fit all of those buckets for us! Guest affordability was at the top of our list, so picking a date was easy – we were not committed to any particular calendar dates and played around with flight schedules to find the cheapest weekend between March 2020 and December 2020 because we knew we wanted to get married and start our family ASAP. We’d traveled to this resort a few times previously and loved many things - The food is amazing. We liked that the majority of our guest list could fly there nonstop. The wedding packages were within our budget and included everything we could ever want or need. Our guests could enjoy all-inclusive amenities – all you can eat & drink, 24-hour room service, luxurious suites, a beautiful stretch of beach, day and night time entertainment, and even certain watersports was included. We figured that if our guests could budget the money for the flight/hotel package, they could literally show up with no money and still buy the bar! (But please advise your guests to bring tipping money.)

Budgeting –<