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Meet the Expert, Shonte

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Hi --- I'm Shonte! :)


I've been passionate about destination weddings and planning international travel for many years! I've planned plenty weddings and various group events, but finally had the opportunity to be the BRIDE in 2019! I coordinated and planned my entire wedding with 107 guests. I am happy to provide the perspective of an International Travel Consultant and now BRIDE!


I have a dedicated team in place to help brides and grooms, group hosts, and their guests to simplify and execute their group trips. Whether you have a location in mind or need some travel inspiration, I will work hard to ensure that every aspect of your event is planned to perfection!


I am a CPA by trade that took the leap of faith to follow my passion of INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL PLANNING by leaving the accounting world to only focus on corporate travel, weddings, and other group events. I love sharing both my personal experience and also my expertise from prior clients, that have now become friends. Don't hesitate - schedule a consultation and - Let's talk!


P.S. I am still floating on Cloud 9 from my destination wedding.  If you are a guest of a wedding or group trip that I'm planning - I look forward to working with you as well. Feel free to text, email, or call me at anytime!


Shonte Alce, CPA


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