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Addie & Greg

Dreams Playa Mujeres, Mexico



Our Love Story

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Addie was born and raised in a little town called Gijón in the north coast of Spain, and moved to Atlanta along with her parents and younger sister when she was 23 years old. From that moment her life changed and this change helped her grow as a woman.

When Addie and Greg attended their first date at a common favorite restaurant the champagne served wasn’t the only thing sparkling. Instantly, the two made a special bond that would make them look at the world differently, that would make them want to travel, build, and conquer together. Five years later, during one of the annual trips the couple makes, Greg decided to take it a step further and ask the question that would change their lives forever.

Greg and Addie are looking forward to starting this new chapter together and unrevealing the many plans God has in store for them!

Nothing more accurate than the Spanish saying “el mundo es un pañuelo” in English meaning “it’s a small world” because it indeed is, and it doesn’t matter if your soulmate lives miles apart, God will arrange for you two to be together if it’s meant to be.

Addie and Greg believe that attending to that party in Atlanta the night of January 11,2014 was not coincidence, they like to call it destiny.

Coming from two entire different worlds, they found their other half in each other. Gregory was born in a small town in Jamaica, but moved to New York when he was nearly 8 years old and was raised by both of his parents, who taught him to be the family man and gentleman he is today. Later in life, Greg decided to continue his life in the city of Atlanta.

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