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The countdown is on! :) Here are the instructions for your fabulous upcoming trip to Breathless Riviera Cancun!! Don't forget to tag @justbookittravel in any fun pics and vids!!

Please direct all travel questions to info@justbookittravel.com - Please do not bother Aimee and Matt :)

1. Please read (AND PRINT) your CUSTOMIZED travel documents email (sent from info@justbookittravel.com, check SPAM!) and the attached documents, and definitely download to your phone so that you can pull it up without the internet while traveling. (Some of you received an update email with additional transportation instructions - READ!!)

2. We also prepared a Pre-Travel Checklist for all guests traveling to Mexico. Please read this as well, again and again, and again --- Remind each other to also read it :) 


3. Please find your name below to confirm YOUR Ground Transportation. Since the group is arriving at different times, different dates, and on different airlines, it is very important that you confirm your specific instructions. For those that are being transported on shared shuttles, it is VERY important that you obtain your return pickup time DIRECTLY FROM THE COMPANY THAT DROPS YOU OFF. This is information that we do not have. (Please find your name below and confirm your transportation provider. Please also read very detailed instructions provided via email from info@justbookittravel.com)

4. DO THIS NOW - Login using your flight confirmation number (confirmation number is on your travel documents and in the body of the email sent to you) to view your latest flight schedule, setup flight alerts, and rearrange seats. Go to the airline's website (www.aa.com) and click "Manage Trips" - Input your first and last name along with your confirmation number --- you will follow these same instructions to check-in for your flight 24 hours before travel. (If there are any errors, please advise us as soon as possible to reduce any travel day surprises. (The airlines have made lots of changes between the time you booked your flight and now)

5. Arrive to the airport at least THREE hours in advance of your flight time. The airport is not fully staffed and travel demand is sky high and lines have been long. (TSA pre-check has not resumed in many international airports).

6. A Negative COVID-19 test is not required for entry to Mexico, however we recommend that you take a voluntary test 3 days prior to the trip.

When you check-in at the resort, you will be given instructions to schedule the COVID-19 antigen nasal test (which is required for return entry back into the states taken within 72 hours). Being vaccinated does not make anyone exempt! :) This test is FREE and ON-SITE.

Arrive on time for your appointment and if you do not receive your results within 24 hours, please go to the front desk and inquire.

When you check-in for your return flight, electronic or paper evidence of a negative test is required to check-in. The airline won't make any exceptions - bring your proof of negative test to prevent any travel interruptions.

7. If you are using private transportation, please see the details included in your travel instructions email. 


All pickups are outside of the terminal - you will see the sun and the sky when searching for your transportation provider.


Please be sure to avoid being sold timeshares, excursions, drugs, transportation that isn't pre-arranged, or anything else after arrival. Put on your poker face and don't speak or answer to anyone other than the name of the transportation provider on your explicit emailed instructions!


Shared Transportation Guests (American Airlines Vacations and Delta Vacations)

**If we are providing private transportation for you, please see instructions in your email. 

Arrival: When you land, clear customs, and claim your baggage, you will walk down a LONG hallway with lots of people trying to sell you transportation, excursions,  and all sorts of things - walk straight and don't blink -- You will find the transportation company outside of the terminal with a sign that says either American Airlines Vacations or Delta Vacations. Be sure to obtain a boarding pass from the driver that DROPS YOU OFF which will also obtain your return pick-up time for traveling home. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Return Home Instructions:  Be sure to obtain a boarding pass from the driver that DROPS YOU OFF which will also obtain your return pick-up time for traveling home. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - If you misplace or do not obtain the pickup time, please call the emergency number listed on your travel documents for assistance! (Do not call me - I do not have it) If you are on this list for shared transportation, please verify that you have a printable voucher included in your travel documents branded with either Delta Vacations or AA Vacations with details for your transportation - this is very important.  

American Airlines Vacations Shared Transfers

  1. Brooke Werner, Erika Benford

  2. Amanda Cruciani, Peter Lodde

  3. Joseph Meier, Kaitlyn Miszewski

  4. Ryan Sanger, Whitney Callies

  5. Kailey Stencil, Austin Witt

  6. Melinda Kannenberg, John Meier

  7. Noel Honeck, Daniel Harmeyer

  8. Maria Clements, Matthew Wollert

  9. Jennifer Green, Corie Budzinski, Andrea Lopez

  10. Megan Nordin, Sarah Jackson

  11. Ryan Nordin

  12. Amy Rajchel, Jeremy Rajchel

  13. Adam Stenz, Adelynn Stenz

  14. Carol Nordin, Carol Beucher

  15. Katelyn Zilles , Nicholas Acker , Andrew Scaife

  16. Amanda Jablonic , Darren Mizia

  17. James Honeck, Tracy Honeck

  18. Alexandra Slowinski, Benjamin Slowinski

  19. Lori Lavinio, Daniel Lavinio

  20. Sandra Slowinski, Stanley Slowinski

  21. Grace Barr, Alyson Fallon

  22. Kelsey Lavinio, Peter Daniels

  23. Ian Johnson, Tomas Hourihan

Delta Vacations Shared Trasnportation

  1. Molly Cusick , Amanda Bates , Lindsay Leinenkugel , Katie Leinenkugel

  2. Sarah Stawicki , Paige Hoeffert





You received an email with VERY specific pickup and drop-off times. Please VERIFY this transfer information based on your latest flight times PRIOR to travel. 

When you land, clear customs, and claim your baggage, there will be lots of people trying to sell you transportation, excursions, weed, and all sorts of things - walk straight and don't blink -- You will find a uniformed  Shuttle Central representative waiting just outside the terminal with a Shuttle Central sign. They will direct you to your transportation vehicle. It is very important that you obtain your return pickup time up front. It will be harder to remember after the wedding and margaritas :)-)


Return Home Instructions:  

Arrive 10-15 minutes early at the outside pickup area for your transportation and be sure to have checked out of the hotel and obtained a check-out slip. You can not leave the property without a check-out slip :) Give yourself enough time to check out and still be early for transportation pickup. There is only a 5 grace period or they will leave you and you'll be responsible for a taxi. Please also be sure that everyone is on board before taking off. 

Private Transfers - Check your Emails for Instructions

  1. Sara Slowinski, Elliot Young 

  2. April Zwaschka, Matthew Zwaschka

  3. Karen Ruemler, Edward Ruemler 

  4. Aimee / Matt 

  5. Brittany Schamell / Angela Nelson

  6. John Schamell / Jane Schamell 

  7. Cathy Harmeyer / Dale Harmeyer

  8. Mark Hurst / Karen Hurst 

  9. Zachary Cornett / Mary Cornett 

  10. Joshua Paul, Jill Paul 

  11. Joelle Curry, Darvell Brown 

  12. Courtney Foster, Dimitrious Foster 

  13. Nicole Teigeiro, Nikki Hayden 

  14. Katryn Doyle, Andrew White

  15. Megan Ruemler, Dan Ruemler