5 Tips - Finding the Best Flight Deals

Guess what?! We're noticing something - the demand for travel is skyrocketing! Here are a few tips that will ensure you're booking the right flight at the right price!

1. Setup Flight Alerts

Be sure to sign up for flight alerts using Google Flights keeping in mind that certain discounted airlines will not appear. More often than not, cheap flights are only available for a limited window (usually 24 hours) so when you get an alert of a significant price decrease, hop on it!! Once you setup the alerts, you will receive an email any time the flight price changes, whether up or down. Snatch it when it goes down!

Google Flights will also let you know if the price you're seeing is typical, higher, or lower than market rates for that particular date and time.

Signing up for each airlines' sales and offers can come in handy as well! Timing is everything.

We advise using these search tools to find the best rates, but if at all possible - book directly with the airliner. You'll have the most flexibility when booking direct.

2. Points and Miles