5 Reasons Why YOU Still Need a Travel Agent in 2020!

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Travel agents are STILL providing great value in saving travelers both time and money. 

See below for five compelling reasons of why you need a travel agent for your next trip. Additionally, my website lists a few public group trips for 2020 that are affordable for every budget. Let's talk!

1. Price and Payment Plans! I first used an agent in 2011 for a destination wedding that I was attending. I was SUPER SKEPTICAL! I researched and researched to beat their travel agent’s deal but to no avail. Because of the group discount, I couldn’t beat it by a substantial amount. And on top of that, the required deposit at the time was only $200 on a $1,300 trip, so it just felt “safer” to only put up a small deposit in comparison to the price of the total trip. I mean – anything could happen. I could decide not to go, they could decide not to get married, the world could end – ya know! Anything is fair game. Payment plans seem to somehow ‘lessen’ the expense. You can choose to pay on your trip every month similar to your electric bill or you can wait it out until the final payment is due. Would you buy a house in cash or take out an interest-free mortgage? It just makes sense to take that interest-free payment plan!

2. Groups! If you’ve ever hosted a group trip, you are aware of how much of a pain it is to ARRANGE travel with others. Let’s just be honest – you want the benefit of a fun girls or boys trip, but who actually enjoys being the planner, collecting the money, customizing each person’s itinerary, making arrangements with the hotel for a group discount, etc? For the smoothest group trips with increased engagement and participation, set a date and group budget, and then contact a travel agent to keep the group organized and on task. Let them do the grunt work!  And for those guests that are first-time international travelers who need their hands held slightly tighter– the travel agent will have them well-prepared for their getaway!

3. Human interaction! Have you ever tried to call a third party booking site? Or an airliner? God forbid, you need to make a change – contacting larger tour operators and airliners is a hassle! When you book with a travel agent, they are your main point of contact. You can email them directly, text them, call them, see them (if you’d like). It’s much easier dealing with one trustworthy person that you can hold accountable, rather than being at the me