Tonya & Jarryn

Dreams Playa Mujeres, Mexico



Our Love Story

Jarryn’s version :)


It all started at a day party one weekend in Dallas. I was out hanging with some friends when Tonya walked by, we made eye contact and left it at that. The next day, I received a message on my Instagram account, and you guessed it, it was from Tonya. We eventually exchanged numbers and our love story began from there.


In the beginning, we didn’t like each other, but we somehow always managed to check in on each other from time to time. I was in a bind for Thanksgiving and I didn’t have anyone to watch my dog and without hesitation, Tonya offered to take him for the weekend. For her to offer to watch my four- legged baby was major, so I made it a point to get her a beautiful flower arrangement to show my appreciation. I attached a note asking “Dinner Saturday night at 7:30?”. We ended up going to Saltgrass to grab dinner and Tonya’s personality was just infectious...her laugh, her smile, her humor - it’s what made me fall in love with her and we have been inseparable ever since!!!


Tonya's version :)


I remember our love story a little different than Jarryn. She’s always going to stick with her story that I slid in her DM and "It goes down in the DM" #Lame LOL. I actually noticed that she had been watching ALL of my Instagram stories so I messaged her to say "hey" and let her know that I knew that she was watching my stories.  The initial conversation went very slow; I didn't realize at the time that she was a pharmacist and always super busy at work. We talked some more through IG and she eventually asked to get my number and then we began to text.

She invited me to see fireworks on July 4th and hang out with her friends. When we got to her friend's house, she accepted a Facetime call from a chic that she was dating at the time. #RUDE I was pretty turned off because it rubbed me wrong so I pulled back. At that point, it was a "NO" for me, sis. 

We would still catch up every blue moon and she invited me out once more to a hookah spot. When we got there, she was so boring so I was on my phone the whole time. I couldn't believe that she took another FaceTime call, from what sounded like a chic that she was dealing with because she stepped outside. At this point, I told myself that I wasn't going to go on anymore dates with her, but somehow we continued to keep in contact. She texted and wished me a happy birthday which I thought was cute.

After that, things were still a bit slow but she had the cutest dog named Juice so I offered to babysit him if she ever needed me. After I babysat Juice, she really seemed to put forth effort and sent me "thank you" flowers and a card with the cutest note! We have been best friends ever since and Juice became my dog son. Who would have thought - the one person that I didn’t even like came in and stole everyone's hearts - me, my kids, and my family all love her so much.

Finding my partner at the right time in the right moment means so much to me. I trust that she has my best interest at heart at all times and she holds the key to everything that we will need to get through this lifetime together. I love you Bae!   

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