Wedding Bouquet

Aimee & Matt

Breathless Riviera Cancún, Mexico

Our Love Story

"Matt and I believe that we were meant to be in each other's lives.  Growing up, Matt lived a block away from my grandmother's house where I spent most of my summers.  We both would visit McCarty Park, ride bikes in the alley and we even knew the same groups of people, but somehow, we never met.


Fast forward to high school, we passed each other in the halls daily, still knew the same friends and still somehow, never met.

Jump to life after school, Matt worked with my older brother's best friend, Jeremy. Jeremy and Matt became friends and we ended up both celebrating Jeremy's wedding, and again, somehow, never meeting. 

As fate would have it, we FINALLY met on Bumble (a dating app) of all places. We instantly hit it off by spending every day together for the first couple weeks and figuring out, we were meant to meet.  


Matt and I are both insanely spontaneous people.  It only took us two weeks of searching before we bought a house, got a second pup in eight hours and traveled the world within seconds of asking, "Where should we go next?".  


We now have two pups, Chunk and Halpert, whom we love! They are spoiled to the max and complete our little family."