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Secrets St. James, Montego Bay, Jamaica



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Meet the Bridesmaids!

Maid of Honor- Jill Paul

Jill and I have known each other for years starting back to our college days when Jill would come to party in Whitewater. We met through mutual friends and have become each other’s “person” over the years. Anyone who knows Jill knows she is the most fun, outgoing, go with the flow person which makes being with her so easy. Some of my favorite memories (there’s too many to pick from) with Jill are going up to the cabin, our days at Camp Bar, floating at her apartment in the lake, going to Packer games and the spontaneous trouble we always seem to find.

Bridesmaids Brittany Schamell & Brooke Werner

Brooke and Brittany are my twin cousins, but more like the sisters I never had.  Growing up together we always found ways to have the most fun, especially when our dads would leave us to roam at the State Fair Park during the Boat Show….or our drunken ladies nights...or our girls trips to Boston, San Antonio and where to next???

Brittany! My cousin but more like my sister from the beginning. We would spend our time up north in the woods, with our walking sticks paving our way through the woods "exploring", or at the boat show where our fathers would leave us to roam free for hours at a time causing chaos. Brittany is my sports girl: my Packer, Badger, Brewers, Bucks fan and some of my most favorite memories are our times at Lambeau Field screaming for our team,bringing home the W!  She's the one who wants to go to concerts, events, and anything in between.  She is my rock, my shoulder to lean on and my voice of reason! She's the most thoughtful, caring and loyal person I've ever met.

Bridesmaid Brooke Werner

My Brookie! My other sister cousin, my adventurer. Brooke and I would spend our time up north on the tube seeing who could fly the farthest or catch the most air and jet skiing around the lake. Our adventures always end with laughs, unforgettable memories, lots of drinks and the most fun. Brooke has become my travel buddy, my hype woman and my confidante. She is always there to pick you up, make you laugh and the first one willing to do something stupid with me!

Bridesmaid Nicole Teireigo

Nicole and I go wayyyyyyyy back to 3rd grade at St. Paul’s Lutheran School.  Here we’re pictured as Rangerettes and posing to send this sweet pic to any of the 3 boys that we had a crush on at the time.  Nicole and I have been through it all together… “heartbreaks” in 8th grade, learning how to “do our make up” (which I still haven’t accomplished), buying houses, getting pets, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  No matter where life has led us in these past decades, I know that Nicole will be there for me, with me, to the very end.  She’ll be there to support, encourage and love.

Bridesmaid Sara Slowinski 


Sara and I have known each other since the womb.  Our mom’s are best friends and therefore left Sara and I no choice in the matter.  From the days of summer camp (where Sara would console me as I would be sobbing uncontrollably because I hated it), dance classes, tubing sessions up north that led to bruises and blood, and beyond our bond has only become stronger.  Sara lights up the room with energy and positivity.  She is always down with my antics and ready to celebrate!

Bridesmaid Noel Harmeyer 

My SISTER! I am lucky enough that my baby brother found someone like Noel to join our crazy family.  Noel has come in and accepted us for the insanity that we bring, the love that we offer and the fun that we have.  She is a genuine, passionate soul who brings us so much joy.  Noel is always willing to “have one more drink with me”, and is my girl who will always split the bottle of wine with me when I say “how about just a bottle...makes more sense.” So here’s to “another bottle” in Mexico!!!!

Bridesmaid Mary Cornett

Mar!  My SISTER! I am so lucky to have you as my sister in law!  You have blessed me with the most amazing nephews, AJ and Tyler, who are some of my favorite people with the best little personalities!  We’ve been in each other's lives for over 15 years already and I can’t wait to make more memories with you!  You are my upstairs Mary, my up north person, and my sidekick in sassy side conversations when neither of us knows what is going on.  Your laugh is contagious and you’re always down for a good time!  Cheers to Mexico!!!

Bridesmaid Maria Clements

Maria Marie!  We met working at Brass Tap and soon enough became best friends.  Our days of day drinking on Brady Street, tindering (insert eye roll here) and late night shenanigans are some of the best memories!  You are always there to listen to me, encourage me and remind me to never give up on myself.  You have quickly become part of the Harmeyer family and always give us the most laughs at the cabin.  I’m so lucky to have someone who gets me like you do!


Meet the Groomsmen!

Brother and Best Man Dan Ruemler

I have known Dan since the day he was born. My baby brother that would grow up to be my best friend. I had the honor of being his best man at his wedding and it was a memory I will not forget. Dan and I were not easy kids to raise growing up. Breaking into McCarty Park pool at night, running from the cops, or starting our room on fire with black cat firecrackers. We did not make it easy on my parents. But we have grown, just a bit. Get some whiskey in us and we are known to do some wild things. Dan was and still is a bit of a wild child, but he’s about the hardest working guy I know. Which is a good thing considering I’ve busted down about every door in his basement.  

Groomsman JoJo Meier

JoJo, Johnny Richter, Dutch Master, Boomer, JoJo Marachi From Cleveland, the list goes on for nicknames I have for this kid. JoJo has been my best friend since we met in 7th grade when we were in the slow reading class. There is not a memory I have that he is not involved in some way. We have lived together in 3 different places. From college, to the longest yard, and our last, but best place, Brookfield Johnny’s.  JoJo can always make you laugh. Most of the time it is something that isn’t even funny, but his delivery is always on point. If you ever want to listen to Migos and have a dance party JoJo is your guy. 

Groomsman Ryan Sanger

I have known Ryan since we were basically babies. We grew up playing soccer with each other throughout our early years. Went to middle school and high school together and have been friends ever since. Ryan is the kind of guy you can call on and no matter what, he will be there by your side. Anytime I went through a bad break up he was there. When I was in the hospital (multiple times) he was there. He is the definition of a great friend.  One of my best memories with Ryan is when we went up north for a weekend and drank our body weight in beers and broke a few of my parent’s lawn chairs. Sorry mom and dad. 

Groomsman Nick Acker

I’ve known Fram (Nick) since we were 5 years old playing soccer for the Timberwolves. Like JoJo, and Ryan we went to middle school and high school together. Fram and I would spend spring break in Florida with our families growing up and always had a great time. We met some wild people along the way. Crazy Chris from Mississippi is probably our fav. Fram is an outdoors man. He’s the kind of guy you want around if you are ever lost in the woods. Need some throwing knives or a solar powered phone charger, he’s your guy.  My man even took up lock picking as a hobby. Under that rugged exterior is a man that is always going to be there for you and have your back in any situation. 

Groomsman Ian Johnson

My cousin, Ian. Any time Ian and I get together you never know what will happen. Like the time we missed our flight to Nashville because we were hanging out at the airport with some girls we met. Or almost getting kicked out of the Nashville bars because he wouldn’t put his shirt on. The snowball fight with grown men outside a bar in Chicago was also a pretty good memory. Ian is someone that I have looked up to since I was a kid. He is the reason I got into trail running and the reason I finished my first marathon. He has completed numerous ultra-marathons and his just don’t quit attitude is what drives me to push my limits. You don’t get to choose your family, but if I could, I’d still choose Ian. 

Groomsman Johnny Meier

Johnny aka Brook who is also JoJo’s cousin is just an all-around amazing dude. I met Brook years ago, but over the past 6 years or so our friendship has grown. He took me in when I needed support and made what should have been the worst time of my life, significantly better. He can always put a smile on your face and pick you up when you are down. He knows exactly what to do if I’m trying to leave a party early. Blast Vices by Ludacris and I’m right back in that house dancing. 

Groomsman Zac Cornett

Zac is Aimee’s oldest brother and loudest. You will always know when Zac is around because you’ll hear him before you see him. He’s not afraid to speak his mind or tell you how it is. I met Zac before I even knew who Aimee was or that she was his sister. He is best friends with my old coworker and friend, Jeremy. Zac is a wild one and I’m sure a lot of you will see that when we are in Mexico partying. I look forward to the crazy times we’ll have in the future. 

Groomsman Dan Harmeyer

Dan is Aimee’s youngest brother. Big sports guy. I play volleyball with Dan on a team that is mediocre at best, but in our defense, we are drunk most the time. Dan has also seen me hung over on the golf course more times than I’d like to admit. Maybe the 7 AM tee times are not ideal after a night of drinking.  If you get a chance to talk to Dan, ask him how many times I’ve “slotted it” in Kan Jam.


Parents of the Bride: Dale and Cathy Harmeyer

Dale and Cath have been married for 37 years and have taught me so much about what marriage should be.  I know that it isn't always rainbows and butterflies, but these two continue to show me what marriage is capable of.  They have taught me empathy, understanding, and unconditional love is hard work but so, so worth it.  Communication is key and more importantly having fun with your spouse is the ultimate goal to a happy life together.  Life will throw you curves and take you down hard paths, but it's who is next to you that matters most.  


These two are the epitome of hard work, dedication and love for everyone they meet.  They leave a lasting impression on your soul and make you a better person. Dale's laugh is contagious, his work ethic is unparalleled and his eye for perfection...on the reason "things are done right the first time" (especially since that is not a trait I inherited).  Cath is a little ball of energy and sunshine on the darkest days.  She is outgoing, fun and always ready to "just go for a walk" (if you know, you know she doesn't joke on these walks). These two have been there for me through everything and continue to have my back.  They have taken Matt in as family, trusted in him and gave us their blessing.  I can only hope that someday, we turn out half as successful and happy as they are. 

Parents of the Groom: Ed and Karen Ruemler

Ed and Karen have been married for 35 years. These two are the strongest people I know. They raised three children and continue to raise their grandchild. Both are so selfless and will do anything to help you out. Known as Ma’ama and Papi by their neighbors because they are always there for everyone and treat them all like family.  My mom, the most caring person and is always there to pick you up when you are down. Don’t let her big heart and kind soul fool you. This women is where I got my sarcastic personality from. Her humor is definitely underrated. She’s been a huge part in who I am today and I owe her the world.  My pops, one of the wildest people you will meet. He loves to talk to himself and yell things like “yoooo” and “ya floundering”.  My love for whiskey comes from him. We have definitely polished off a bottle of beam or two! As hilarious as my dad is, he is kind and generous. When I’ve been at my lowest he’s there to pick me up.  His generosity is unmatched. If you like a hat he’s wearing, chances are he’ll give it to you. They have opened their hearts to Aimee and already consider her their daughter. 

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