Sara & Michael

Secrets St. James, Montego Bay, Jamaica



Our Love Story

It was love at first swipe... well... maybe not really. We met on good ole Tinder. Yep, you read that right! Tinder! After we both swiped right, surprisingly, we ended up exchanging numbers the same day. One of the very first things we said to one another AND agreed upon is “Dating in our 30s is already trash — let’s not make it any harder.”  


Over the next few days, we texted non-stop. The conversations were #amazing!

It took a few days before we actually met (December 27th, 2018) but it was well worth the wait— side story, we were both sick with colds! We met for small plates and live music at Venkman's in Atlanta, followed by a night cap at Siva’s.  To both of our surprise, our conversation and interactions were seamless— amazing, easy, and a sense of a real connection.


Fast forward to February and all of a sudden Michael is introducing Sara as his girlfriend without any previous conversation. Over the next year and a half, there were many date nights, breakfast dates (our favorite), family/friend introductions and vacations— Not to mention the COVID-19 quarantine!


After an eventful August 1st morning on a hot sunny day, Michael proposed to Sara with close friends at side to everyone’s surprise (especially Sara). From the normal disagreements to our favorite dessert spots, we’ve always known that this is where our hearts belong! 

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