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Meet our Wedding Party, Guests of Honor and Parents!

Allison Johnson – Maid of Honor and little sister!


“So happy you found the prince to your fairy tale life story!! You will always be my role model and I can’t wait to celebrate this new chapter of your life with you”

Allison and I are both so different but similar at the same time. We both went through a lot of different changes together and we know we can count on each other for everything. Allison is the goofy sister and she’s super spontaneous so I know she will make the perfect Maid of Honor. I hope everybody is ready for her, she’s the life of the party!


Germaine Edwards – Best Man and big bro!

“You’ve been a caring brother and lifelong friend. I know this day marks the first day of your happiest time on Earth. Congratulations on your wedding day bro!”

Making the decision of who would be my best man came easy. My brother Germaine has been my best friend since I became big enough that he couldn’t beat me up anymore and I could do the beating. Having a brother who I looked up to comes with having a built-in best friend and I am so fortunate to have him as my best man.


Guests of Honor: Addie’s best friends 😊


Manuela Romo

Manuela was always my best friend since we were both 4 years old! We’ve been knowing each other since we were in our mom’s bellies. We were always inseparable, and our moms even dressed us the same to go to school, that’s how connected we were! My favorite memory with Manuela is from when we used to stay over at each other’s house and spend the whole night playing Barbies until our moms will force us to clean and go to sleep. It doesn’t matter how many years can pass without seeing each other, when we connect it seems like we never separated!


Sara Alonso

I’ve been knowing Sara since we were 6 years old however we became super close when we both started to play Volleyball together at the age of 9. We both played always in the same team and we even made it to the first team multiple times together to represent our state in tournaments. Sara was always my to go girl for parties, she will always be down for every single plan! Sara is such an amazing friend who’s always there when you need her, I don’t know what I would do without her!


Sofia Louro

Sofi and I met when we were 15, I switched schools at that time, and I didn’t know a lot of people. I still remember Sofi’s first day. She walked into the class late and she couldn’t find a sit, so I called her and told her to sit with me. That was the best thing I could have ever done!! We became inseparable and she connected with my childhood friends since day 1 so here we are 17 years later. Sofi can look shy at first but she’s the funniest person I know, I love her sense of humor! All we do every time we are together is laugh nonstop while remembering all the amazing memories we have together.


Ana De Aymerich

Ana is my favorite person EVER!! If you are sad or you need to laugh, please call Ana! Ana is my loud, crazy and fun friend who loves life and people. She has friends in every single country on Earth, seriously, I’m not kidding! She travels the whole world and makes friends everywhere she goes, that’s how cool and fun she is! Ana and I share a lot of great memories from looong time ago, we’ve been friends for over 23 years and I’m so thankful for her! Fun fact: Ana is Manuela’s cousin!


Nohelia Diaz

She’s my stylist friend and to go person to talk about fashion (we are both obsessed). Nohelia and I have a lot in common starting with both of us being mixed in a small town of Spain which can sound silly, but the struggle was real for us for simple things like extensions for example Lol. I’ve been knowing her since long time ago but for some reason we became super close the summer before I moved to US. She’s loud, fun and spontaneous and I love to spend time with her. Fun fact: Nohelia was the first one to come visit me to Atlanta! She lived in Texas and Cali for two years, so I had her closer to me than the rest of the girls.


Isabel and Ed Johnson (Addie’s parents)

My parents were together for 31 years, 27 of them married until unfortunately my dad passed away back in 2016. Their relationships remind me of ours, they were both from two completely different worlds, but they found each other in the middle of the craziness. My dad was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and later he started his career as a basketball player and lived in a lot of different cities in the US. In 1973 he decided to move to Spain to play in the European league and a few years later he ended up meeting my mom. My mom was a young girl who was born and raised in a small town in the north coast of Spain, she never left her small city but always loved to learn about different cultures. Their love for each other was indescribable and they became inseparable! They both taught me what love is and how to make it last. We wish my dad was still here to celebrate this important day with us, but my mom always says, “he’s always watching over us and he will be walking down the aisle with you as well.”


Heather and Valin Edwards (Greg’s parents)

My parents' love story started forty-four years ago in Jamaica.  They knew of each other from passing but officially met while my dad was visiting my great aunt's house. My dad asked my mom to join him at a disco for their first date. My mother hesitated but couldn't resist after seeing my father in his platform cowboy boots, sequin shirt, high-waisted bell bottom jeans and afro puff. He swept her off her feet with his funky dance moves and not too long after, they started a family and journey through life. My parents worked hard to give us everything we needed and eventually migrated to the United States for a better opportunity for us. I learned from an early age how fortunate I was to be raised by two loving parents in the household to show me and my siblings how to have a healthy and loving relationship built on love and respect. I am so thankful to have the type of parents that, at their age, still love to be around each other and continue our family tradition of traveling the world together. My parent’s relationship has given me a great example of what it is to be a family man and the type of husband I would like to be to my wife, Addie, and our future kids. Thank you, mom and dad, for being such a great inspiration.


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