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Steps to Planning

Your International Group Trip

1. Choose a date and destination.

Just Book It Travel will help you find a balance between what you love about a destination and how to make it affordable and accessible to both you and your guests. Whether you are planning for a corporate conference or leisure getaway, one of the major keys to success in planning a group trip is trip AFFORDABILITY and payment FLEXIBILITY! (Think of a max per-person ALL-IN budget, and that'll make it easier to decide on a date and location). We will arrange the logistics, obtain group rates, and a payment plan for each of your guests!

2. Inform your guests! Private Website Setup.

Set an RSVP deadline for your guests. In order to finalize your guest list and see who's serious about coming, you'll need to set an RSVP (deposit) deadline. Deposits are $50 for the hotel-only and $200 for flight + hotel packaged accommodations. Just Book It Travel makes this process easy for you by creating a COMPLIMENTARY customized private website + "evites" for you to share with your guest list. The website will overly inform your guests of trip pricing, RSVP deadlines, traveling instructions, weekend itinerary, and other Q&A's about the trip. 

3. Pack Your Bags!

Just Book It Travel wants you to spend your time counting down for your trip, and and not answering questions or trying to help your guests book the best travel deal. We assure you that your guests will ALWAYS pay less than internet rates and have the ability to setup flexible payment plans with us due to our Price Match Guarantee, . Please refer all guests to your travel website for all trip inquiries. We got you covered! 

Benefits of Hosting a Trip:

1. Discount! As a token of our appreciation, Just Book It Travel will award group host's with a discount on their travel. 

2. NO STRESS! Let's be honest - planning group travel and organizing a group can be hard work. And this is why Just Book It Travel has automated and streamlined international group travel. You set the date/destination and provide us the emails of your guest list. We do the rest!

Just Book It Travel has been booking weddings and large groups for many years. Allow us to organize your group and keep you informed, while saving both you and your guests time and money. 

Shonte :)

Your International Travel Expert

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