Group Trip Q&A's

So I put together this list because I've realized that in the beginning stages of planning a group trip, most of my hosts and guests have very similar questions. As always, I love to talk - so text, call, or email me at anytime to discuss these or any other questions that you might have - this list is a continuation, so check back frequently for updates :)

What are some of the benefits of hosting a group trip?

1. Travel = Life. Group trips are so much fun! Introduce your closest friends or family members to a new destination and explore it together. With flexible payment plans and low deposits, planning an international group trip to a #bucketlist destination is more attainable than people think! We provide a special discount for each of the guests (group discount) and the host gets an extra special discount. We will take on the heavy lifting of making customized travel plans for each of your guests, while you PACK YOUR BAGS!

2. Save money! Just Book It Travel will ensure that your guests ALWAYS pay less than internet prices and obtain flexible payment arrangements. You will remain informed about your guest list. And your guests will receive consistent updates in regards to the wedding events and requirements of them (ex. dress code, welcome party, excursions, etc)

3. Its SUPER EASY. You can literally decide on your dates and a budget, and we will recommend travel options that fit the vibe that you're looking for. And if you already have a destination in mind - that's even better! Provide us the emails of your guest and we will send them virtual invitations and invite them to your complementary group travel website for all travel planning! Just Book It Travel will manage the entire process from beginning to end.

What services does Just Book It Travel provide? And what is the cost for all of the services provided?

1. Just Book It Travel will serve as your travel consultant from beginning to end.

2. Just Book It Travel will design a complementary travel website to be shared with guests. The site will incorporate any themes, hashtags, weekend itineraries, dress code, RSVP date, and pictures you'd like to share.  We will incorporate all of your preferences into a FAQ page for your guests or into the main travel page. Here is an example of a travel website that we've created for a "client". Click here


3. Just Book It Travel will keep you and your guests informed and up-to-date on any travel updates. As people RSVP, I'll send you a tracking sheet so that you're aware of who has made their deposit and also, who has reached out, but not formally RSVP'd as of yet. 


4. Just Book It Travel will ensure that both you and your guests obtain very competitive pricing and flexible payment plans on travel arrangements. Let's say the cost is $1,100 per guest for the flight/hotel (all-inclusive) package. A guest can make a $200 deposit and pay $100 per month between their deposit date and 30 days prior to departure to pay off their balance. The ability to make payment plans is HUGE, because it makes travel affordable for you and your guests. (Payment plans are optional, you'll have other guests that prefer to make a deposit and a lump sum payment 30 days prior to the wedding)


5. Just Book It Travel is very attentive. If there's ever anything that you can think of that we should add to our list of commitments, we are happy to explore the idea. Ultimately, we want to continue to be a market leader in concierge-level service on destination weddings and international group travel. 

Many hosts take different approaches. Personally, I prefer selecting the most cost effective option for guests. While there are some super exotic places that I would love to visit, depending on the group that I'm traveling with, I have to be mindful of my guests by making the trip affordable. I suggest setting a max per-person budget that encompasses flight/hotel/food/entertainment/transportation. I strongly suggest all-inclusive destinations for group trips, but if you decide otherwise, definitely come up with an estimated per-person budget to give your guests a realistic idea of how much they should budget for. Some of the most popular (economical) all inclusive  destinations are Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.  

How do I choose a date and destination? What is a common approach to this task. I dont know where to begin!

How soon in advance do we need to book?

Its best to plan and book trips 6 - 11 months in advance keeping in mind that flight prices are subject to change. Flight and hotel prices can sometimes increase as they fill up. At a minimum, reserve the hotel room as far in advance as possible for group trips! You never want to be that ONE person who has to stay at the resort 10 miles away because you waited too late to book.

How many people can we invite?

This is a MAJOR advantage of having a group trip that is professionally planned. Invite your whole squad!  At the end of the day, those that REALLY want to be there will generally make a way, especially if you make it affordable and give people Just Book It Travel's flexible payment plan options.

Can we plan excursions or other events?

Absolutely! Just Book It Travel can advise you on the best way to incorporate excursions and other events into your group trip. 

We are newbies to the world of all-inclusive traveling? What should we know!

All-Inclusive resorts offer: All you can eat (gourmet restaurants and buffets), All you can drink (alcohol, mixed drinks, daiquiris, and non-alcoholic beverages), Entertainment (the resort will have daily and nightly activities including shows and a night club), Water Sports (kayaking, paddle boarding, and other non-motorized water sports are typically included), Room Service includes 24-hour room service of food.

Can I purchase trip protection insurance?

Just Book It Travel strongly recommends travel protection insurance to protect against unforeseen cancellations or trip interruptions. "Cancel for any reason" insurance must be purchased at the time of your initial deposit. We strongly recommend this type of protection  as it covers ANYTHING, including coronavirus hesitation, weather, illness, personal matters, etc. Please email if you are interested in obtaining options for travel protection insurance, whether at the time of your deposit or afterwards.

What happens if I cancel after I've made my final payment?

Each airline has specific policies for the cost of checked luggage along with size/weight restrictions for both checked and carry-on luggage. We advise you to check the airline's policy directly. Luggage fees are not included in your travel package and can cost $40 or more per bag, each way.

Can I reserve a room block at the resort?

Yes, you can reserve a room block, but this would mean that a deposit would need to be paid in advance for the amount of rooms being reserved. If some of your guests decide not to come, you would be responsible for paying for their rooms, if they don't pay. Just Book It Travel advises to NOT sign any contractual agreements to book a certain number of rooms, unless you've collected money in advance for each of your guests. It is advisable that each guest reserve their own room, instead of the group host being liable for cancellations. Just Book It Travel prefers that the hosts allow each guest to RSVP directly on the group travel website, and the host is not responsible for cancellations or for booking a certain number of guests due to the increased liability. 

Do I have to have my passport prior to booking the trip?

No! Passports are required at the time of travel. As long as you provide Just Book It Travel with your full legal name, you can arrange travel in advance. Instructions to apply for passports can be found here. Please allow 8-12 weeks for standard passport applications to process following your scheduled appointment with a passport "acceptance facility". If you do not obtain your passport prior to travel, you are responsible for any associated cancellation fees.

Can I travel with a companion flying from a different city than me?

Yes! Let Just Book it Travel know which cities each guest is traveling from and your itinerary will be customized and arranged according to your specifications.  Just Book It Travel is a global travel agency and has the ability to arrange travel from any departure city. The group web page only lists the most common cities that guests are traveling from.

What is the benefit of booking with Just Book It Travel versus booking with online competitors such as Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity etc?

Since everyone will receive a group discount, you’ll never pay more by using Just Book It Travel versus booking on your own. Just Book It Travel has been entrusted by  many groups, destination weddings, corporate events, and vow renewals to keep the group organized and to keep the group informed of the weekend's festivities and traveling instructions. Just Book It Travel also offers a Price Match Guarantee. If you find a lower rate on the internet, your price will be matched or BEAT if the comparison is 'apples to apples'. Additionally, Just Book It Travel can arrange flexible payment plans, making your travel even more affordable and convenient.