Playa Mujeres,    Mexico



Gigi & Adrian


It was the year of 2015 when  Gigi  and Adrian’s love story first began. The couple are  both from Romania and  met    in Atlanta through mutual friends.  On their first date, they went to an Atlanta restaurant, Barcelona, and shut the restaurant down!  After sharing    a mutual love of red wine and    travel, it became love at first sight and the couple shared many more romantic evenings at Barcelona.    To keep things interesting, they took a  'babymoon' vacation to Barcelona,    Spain  and ironically it    became their favorite travel destination!

Gigi  was drawn to Adrian’s sense of humor while Adrian loved  Gigi’s sweet personality.   The couple is described by their friends and family as “two peas in a pod”. Five years worth of memories turned into them purchasing and renovating   their dream home together, getting engaged in Paris, and welcoming their baby boy, Luca in 2020. They spend their weekends living by the park, cooking, playing with their son, and walking their pup, Lily. Due to their love for travel, they figured it would be best to get married while vacationing with their most favorite people.


In the words of Gigi and Adrian, "We can’t wait for this exciting new chapter to begin! "