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PLEASE NOTE::: Flight schedules and pricing will not be available until October 16, 2021.  Feel free to fill out the inquiry form now so that we can alert Christiana and Paul of your attendance. Deposits for flight/hotel packages will be made in October.



We ask that all guests please read our Q&A's. This will answer many questions that you will have in regards to traveling and logistics. Additionally, Gearoid, our Travel Coordinator is available to answer any of your questions and assist with booking the best deal for you! 


Q. I am traveling from Ireland (or somewhere in Europe) and I want to go to Christiana and Paul's wedding. How do I sign up?

- Please fill out the RSVP form right away so that we can collect a headcount of attendance. If you are interested in a flight/hotel package, these prices will not be available until October. Gearoid, from Mallow Travel, will reach out to you via email with a pricing quote at this time. 

Q. How much is the deposit?

- Deposit Option 1: Hotel/Transfers 100 EUR per person.

- Deposit Option 2: Flight/Hotel/Transfers 100 EUR per person.

**Deposit amounts can vary depending on certain preferences. The exact deposit price will be communicated individually**

Q. When is the final payment due date?

The due date is April 5, 2022

Q. I will be traveling with others from Ireland. Can we travel together for a discount!

Absolutely, please discuss amongst each other and decide on your travel dates as a group. When you RSVP, please include in the notes, the names of the others that you plan to travel with. This will ensure a group discount. ​​​

Q. Can I bring a guest or guests with me?

Since we are limited to the amount of guests that can attend our very intimate wedding, the event is invitation-only.  Please contact Christiana & Paul for any special requests.  All invited guests are more than welcome to bring additional travel companions and friends to enjoy the vacation with us. Mallow Travel can arrange travel for these additional friends and family members coming to vacation, but not attending the reception. 


Q. Is there a group discount?

If 10 people fly together round trip, you can qualify for a group discount. Once you have a group of 10, please email Gearoid the 10 names.


Q. When is the RSVP date?

Quotes will available to be provided for flight/hotel packages as early October 16, 2021 (once flight schedules become available).


Individual deposits starting at 100 euros.


The resort has limited availability (due to social distancing and other factors), therefore, we are asking for family and close friends to RSVP by making a deposit with Mallow Travel between October 16th to  October 31st to be added to our reserved room block and group activities.

Q. What are the suggested travel dates?

We want nothing more than for our friends and family to enjoy their VACATION :) . Please feel free to arrive as early in advance as you'd like and stay at the resort for as long as you'd like. Enjoy yourself, and VACATION :) See our Wedding Schedule HERE.

There is a minimum of stay of 3 nights.


Q. What is the payment schedule?

Deposit Due - non-refundable deposit, per person - Anytime before October 31, 2021.

Final Balance Due - Anytime before April 30, 2022.


Q. What is the cancellation policy?

We strongly recommend that each guest purchase Travel Protection from any trusted supplier, but we recommend Accident & General. Any applicable cancellation fee refunds must be requested from the travel protection supplier. 


See policy summary HERE.


See full terms and conditions HERE.

Q. Do I have to book with Mallow Travel?  

Yes, we request that all guests only utilize our dedicated planner and travel coordinator, Gearoid, as it will help us to keep the entire group organized and included in our planned group activities, and informed of logistics and frequent updates. Additionally, Mallow Travel has flexible payment plans, making your travel arrangements even more affordable and convenient. If you've ever tried to contact an online travel company to make changes or cancellations, you'll appreciate the benefit of using a local, boutique travel agency (especially during times of uncertainty).

Q. What if I plan to purchase my flights separately our using airline points?  

If you are not planning to book flights with Mallow Travel, you can reach out to reserve your hotel room right away. If you are looking to purchase a discounted flight/hotel package, please wait until October 2021 for flight prices and schedules to be released.

Q. What does “All-Inclusive mean”?

All-Inclusive resorts offer: All you can eat (gourmet restaurants and buffets), All you can drink (alcohol, mixed drinks, daiquiris, and non-alcoholic beverages), Entertainment (the resort will have daily and nightly activities including shows and a night club), Water Sports (kayaking, paddle boarding, and other non-motorized water sports are typically included), Room Service includes 24-hour room service of food.

Q. Are there excursions that we can participate in? 

Sure thing! When it gets closer to travel, we will work with the group on planning a group excursion and we'll keep the group posted on any updates. 


Q. Can I upgrade my room?

Absolutely -as long as the resort has availability for your travel dates. If you wish to book a different room category, please indicate your desired room on your reservation form. Mallow Travel will contact you with pricing and next steps.


Q. What if my potential travel companion (roomie) is TBD, unknown at this time, or not ready to book?

Time waits for no one :) Book without them and add them to your reservation at a later time. Since prices and availability are subject to change, be sure to reserve the room for just yourself and we can add them when they are ready. Solo occupancy hotel rates are sometimes higher than double occupancy. When we add your travel companion in the future, you'll recognize the double occupancy savings. Rates are refreshed at the time future changes are made.


Q. How do I purchase travel protection? 

We recommend booking travel protection along with your itinerary whether from our recommended supplier or any trusted travel protection supplier. Our recommended travel protection plan must be purchased within along with the initial deposit. If you are looking for independent, outside coverage that is purchased separately, please do your research and book with any trusted travel protection provider as soon as possible. Cancellation fees are non-refundable, except through qualified travel protection reimbursements.


Q. Will there be any other events during the weekend that I should prepare for?

​Yes. Please stay tuned for further information as the trip approaches. See we