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CDC Rule

COVID-19 Test Required for All Travelers Entering the USA 

The CDC released a new requirement for all passengers arriving into the United States to present a negative COVID test, effective January 26th.


But here is the good news:

This will make us all safer with minimal impact on your travel plans!  (See below)


Here are the facts:

  • The US is later than other countries in implementing this requirement – as such, resorts are already prepared and have been providing on-site testing for passengers flying to other countries for several months.

  • Many of our favorite resorts are offering COMPLIMENTARY on-site COVID testing!! Did someone say FREE?? Yes.. (See further below for a list)

Here are some tips to ensure a good travel experience:

  • KNOW WHERE YOU STAND!  If you take a test prior to leaving the US (voluntary, if no requirement), you increase your chances of unanticipated travel disruptions.  

  • For those of us (like me) that take the ‘American Dream vacation’ (three - five nights) – it is best to get tested within a day or so following arrival – Just be sure that your testing date/time is within 72 hours of your departure time, and be sure to make note of the test results window. 

  • Keep paper copies of your negative test results. Even though the ruling states that electronic copies are accepted at the airport, please air on the side of caution.

  • Pay close attention to your traveling destination’s entry requirements as well. 

  • If you’re vaccinated, you are still required to present a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery before boarding for the US.

  • Read the CDC’s Questions and Answers


**Read specific resort links and be mindful of frequent updates.

Note: These policies are not indefinite and they each have respective “end dates” and unique terms and conditions, however, the situation is being closely monitored and will be further evaluated as deemed necessary by regulatory updates.



Let’s look on the brighter side. These new procedures will ensure that all travelers will most likely be COVID-19 negative.  But testing alone does not stop the spread, so let’s continue to wear our mask, social distance, wash our hands, and practice good judgement, whether traveling or not. Please do not allow this new precaution (that is meant to keep us safe) prevent you from following through with your travel plans and dreams. With complementary on-site testing, there should be minimal interruptions to your plans. 

If you are part of an upcoming group or wedding, your group will receive very specific instructions prior to travel. 

If you have any questions, we are here to help.

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