Bree & Chiccola

Excellence Playa Mujeres, Mexico



Bree and Chiccola believe they are twin flames. Defined as "the other half of one's soul".  They met in June of 2014. There was an instant magnetic chemistry that was undeniable. On the first date, they met downtown Raleigh at a pub, formally known as The Burroughs. The conversation was so intriguing that after the pub closed, they ended up talking in the parking lot until sunrise. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Bree and Chiccola found themselves spending every available moment together. They enjoy live music, spoken word/poetry, street festivals, the beach, and people watching.  After a short time, they were finishing each other's sentences, and when they would meet, they would often have on the same colors without any pre-planning. They began blending their three children and fell in love. Six months later, Bree and Chiccola had a terrible misunderstanding and painfully decided to end the relationship. 


While both ladies had moved on to other relationships, the two were still very much emotionally connected. They could feel when the other was in pain or upset and would call or text to see if things were ok.

In September of 2017, Chiccola reached out one final time when dealing with a very difficult personal issue. The two ladies met to talk over drinks and loaded nachos. They realized that even though they hadn't seen each other in over 2 years, the chemistry, connection, and bond that they shared picked back up as if there was never a separation. The ladies instantly began communicating daily again.  In April of 2018, Chiccola asked Bree to date exclusively. 

Our Love Story

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On Oct 20, 2018, while Bree was rushing to get to her favorite vendor before closing time at a street festival in downtown Raleigh, Chiccola pulled into the parking deck where they had their first date saying, "Babe, remember this spot?! Let's go up here." Reluctantly, Bree agreed. Once in the parking deck, Chiccola got down on her knee and asked Bree to spend the rest of her life with her. 


Their love for the beach and traveling has created the desire to get married in Mexico. Please consider sharing their special day with them :)

Wedding planning, website creation and travel management entrusted to www.justbookittravel.com. 

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