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Check In for Flight

Ground Transportation

Covid Requirements

Arrival at Airport

Check In at Resort

Foreign Currency

What to Pack


Dress Code & Fun at Resort 


Online Check In for your flight

Check in for your flight 24 hours before departure, and make note of any schedule changes that can impact your departure or arrival times. Due to the coronavirus, the airlines have been making very frequent schedule changes to accommodate passengers and airlines' budgets throughout the pandemic. Your confirmation # is located in your flight information above. Save this!! 

We have pre-selected seats for you, but you can actually login to the website of the airline ( for Delta flights / for American Airlines flights) with your confirmation number now and change or upgrade your seats to something more desirable.

Arrival at Airport

Arrive at the airport 2.5 - 3 hours before your flight time and be sure to have your mask and disinfectant supplies with you. (Arrive early as TSA and other airline resources are working on limited staffing. If you miss your flight, please speak to the airline gate agent and/or call the emergency number highlighted on your travel documents - But more importantly, please don't miss your flight ;-)

Arrive at the boarding gate 45 minutes before your flight time. (Continuously check the monitors to ensure that your gate has not changed)


Foreign Currency

Sometimes it is cheaper to obtain foreign currency from your bank prior to getting to the airport. Just like anything else purchased at the airport, there is normally some sort of 'convenience' up-charge. Personally, I prefer to tip in USD, but feel free to obtain the country's currency, but it is not required. They love USD!


Bring extra cash - although the trip is all-inclusive, you'll want to tip, shop, partake in watersports, etc! The international ATM fees are highway robbery!!


Ground Transportation Instructions 

Please refer to you Travel Instructions email for the name of the company that will be picking you up - example - Delta Vacations or American Airlines Vacations. People will be trying to sell you timeshares, cab rides, excursions, and all sorts of things - stay focused on finding the correct representative. They should have a clear sign.  

Return Transportation Instructions:

Please obtain your pick-up time from the driver that drops you off right away, and BEFORE YOUR DAY OF DEPARTURE or you will have to pay for a taxi to take you back to the airport. This is very important. If you are still unable to obtain a pickup time, call the emergency number on your travel documents.


Check In at Resort

The hotel’s check-in time is 3pm, but they’ll allow you to enjoy the pool, beach, and restaurants while waiting. (I recommend packing beach clothes in your check-in luggage so that you can immediately partake in festivities while waiting for your room to be ready! The hotel will hold your luggage while you wait for your room to be available)


What to pack

Be sure to pack a waterproof bluetooth speaker, waterproof cell phone cases, bug spray, sunscreen, headache medicine, stomach medicine, feminine products, shaving cream/razors, and all necessities– the hotel’s gift shop is VERY expensive.


Dresscode & Fun at Resort

Check the restaurants' dress code policies - especially for men! (Dress shirts with long sleeves, long pants are typically required for men)

Be sure to get the daily itinerary and attend any beach parties, magic shows, or whatever daily and nightly activities that are available. These are a ton of fun! ​

Most hotel have on-site water sports, some are included in the price you’ve paid (they only work off of tips, those are typical the non-motorized), some will have additional costs. Make sure to ask! 


COVID-19 Requirements 

Return Restrictions to the USA:

The CDC released a new requirement for all passengers arriving into the United States to present a negative COVID test, effective January 26th. See all CDC rules here.

Please check with concierge immediately upon arrival to schedule your complimentary on-site COVID test. The test should be scheduled 72 hours prior to departure. The resort will provide printed results that must be shown to the gate agent prior to your departure home.


Entry Restrictions for your vacation destination:

Each destination has very specific COVID-19 entry requirements. Please be sure to adhere to the latest entry requirements for your destination, which may include obtaining a travel authorization and a COVID-19 test prior to entry.

Whether your destination requires a COVID test prior to entry or not, we recommend that all travelers take a voluntary COVID-19 test 3 days prior to travel to protect yourself and others.

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